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Raisins Toxic To Dogs
Subject: There is one more angel in Heaven.
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 17:14:40 -0500

McGee, our beloved 9 year old bi-black Sheltie, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. He only lived with us for 15 months, but in those 15 months he endeared himself to us forever. He was a rescue from Sheltie Rescue in Columbia. He came to us overweight, depressed, and hypothyroid, and we had worked very hard to bring down his weight and to treat his condition.
As he got to know us, he became an integral part of our little family, following us wherever we went, and profusely complaining whenever he was left behind.
We were always greeted with the greatest of fanfares every time we came home, his tail was always wagging, and he always gave lots of kisses. He never did quite get the hang of frisby, but he surely tried really hard {couldn't quite get his big butt off the ground). He was always the gentleman (even if he did occasionally help himself to some garbage or your unattended sandwhich), polite and attentive to the last. He was friendly with everyone, human, canine, feline, or lagomorph.
He made sure to make each and every new guest welcome by bringing him or her one of his toys. He patiently tolerated my two rabbits who never could seem to stop bugging him whenever he tried to lay down.
McGee died of a RAISIN OVERDOSE. Three days ago, he ate 18 ounces of raisins which were sitting on the coffee table. He loved raisins, and he would sit politely waiting for his turn while my two rabbits begged for their raisin treats. The overdose caused renal (kidney) failure which in turn caused an unusually high concentration of calcium in his blood.
The veterinarian originally suspected rat poison. He vomited repeatedly and by the second day, he could not walk. He died at the Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic in Rockville, Maryland with me and one of his other human housemates at his side. MCGEE'S DEATH IS THE FIRST DOCUMENTED CASE OF RAISIN/GRAPE TOXICITY IN MARYLAND.
Please help me to spread the word!!!!. As much as veterinarians warn us about chocolate and anti-freeze, your veterinarian MAY NOT KNOW about raisin and grape toxicity. Tell your fellow dog owners (especially those who keep raisins for their rabbits), newsletters, breeders, pet food stores, rescue groups, your veterinarian, and anyone else you can think of. And if your dog eats a lot of raisins or grapes and begins vomiting, get him to the animal hospital IMMEDIATELY, and treat it like as seriously as any other poison overdose. McGee's body has been donated to the National Center for Poison Control for an autopsy. I hope that his sacrifice will help bring awareness to dog owners everywhere. I would like to thank Doctor Carole Foster and Doctor Deborah Weiss and the rest of the staff at the Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic for their help and compassion during my friend's last days.